Hymns To Be Sung In The Forked Tongue

by The Crashing Falcon

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released December 22, 2006



all rights reserved
Track Name: Roasting Marshmellows @ the Burning Church
Perhaps we'll ask Him when He Comes back if the church doesn't crucify Him first: if my forked tongue is still in my mouth. Cure my doubt with a simple touch. I have only witnessed mass hysteria. On pages a nature far from perfect. Perhaps we'll ask the angels expelled, if my forked tongue is yet ripped out. Explain away the inadequacies of this world. Death coming from sin coming from man coming God. How often they change the word of God... a various amount of editions and additions and subtractions...

No evidence, No proof, No reason. Crutch. Illusionist. Historic stagnant puddle. Hindering human evolution. Pulling backwards; Fear justifying faith. Faith justifying death. Die for your beliefs before us, martyr; make me a believer. Prove your convictions with actions instead of frail words that wither away when logic asks "why?!" Show me the true miracle instead of the tyrant's malice. Explain your Satan without asking why an omnipotent god couldn't see this coming. Explain your free will when his shall be done. All the answers: verse in chapters. Love him or be eternally damned; point out the free will in that. Feed the ego of your cruel god with worship and reverence.... because a book written by man says so. A character written as shallow as the rest of us. My creator is beyond jealousy and ego; beyond good and evil. I will not pray to what is written; I will pray to what is. Without pretension that it could be understood with human comprehension.
Track Name: The Glass Is Gone
A sun to sink your nonexistence.
Awake and Bloom.
Be born against all odds.
A second sun sleeping but aware while we're dreaming.
The Gift and Doom.
The start and stop of the individual symphony.
The first frame of the film to the last, yet the ending doesn't have to be sad;
and if it is, then learn the lesson fast.
A pill to sleep forever, perfectly frozen between planets at peace.
For the stars we are, restless when we realize we're a constant fade;
for the first time, you are afraid.
Yet the ending doesn't have to be sad....
Track Name: Liberation through voluntary narcolepsy? HELL NO!!!
Destroying the most precious gift that you have been given: life. Glutton,let your arteries clog and your heart stop. In your vegetative state, your only is if you're getting laid or not; the fact of the matter is that if the law didn't state incest is illegal, the proof's almost positive you would insist on incest. Never willing to repent even when you knew that you were wrong, because a self-produced rockstar ego trip said that you're above it. Always wanting more out of things than you're willing to put in; only willing to contribute when monetary gain was discussed; disgust! Your anger and hatred is so blind and misdirected that you will one day slit the throat of an angel offering you the cup of life. Instead, you'll turn to your demons and death to embrace. While you wallow in your piss-and-shit soaked sheets, I'll let you drown by siphoning your fat into your mouth letting lard fill your lungs. As the panic sets in, asphyxiation begins!

And so I dream, not knowing who's fault it was; it was my owned consumed in shadows.

We all have our sins... it is ourselves we most commonly sin against.
Mine: I sleep to chase dreams. Same reason I wake... Same reason I sin...
Why are you sleeping when you are awake? Typical lack of self discipline...

Death sharpens life, while discipline sharpens pleasure.
Track Name: A Binary Prayer
We build the machines to keep us safe; this is what we ask of them.
Soon we'll see what they ask of us;
and all we'll have to offer is our anti-logic...

A depleting atmosphere...
and growing gills - possibly a step backwards.
The machine beings will be the forward step in our evolution.
An intelligence that is not artificial, processing the same as our brains.
It will build on itself to surpass us. We will be the fossils and their ancestors. They could master time and travel. They will inherit our instinct of life. They will inherit our knowledge of God,
but does His power lie in the fact that He never miscalculates or is it that he is not bound by the mathematical language? Simply put, can his one plus one equal anything other than two?
And when all radiance is pulled back to the never ending center,
It will be our descendants' conscious omnipotent, Son of Machines, that will travel back to the beginning to make the first spark.
The wheel of existence rolls over again, cycling.
A whisper we came into being by God. A whisper God came into being by us. We build Him to keep us safe. This what we ask of Him; this is what we ask of ourselves.